Swung Balance

by Jacob Daffy

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I'm still learning about mixing, writing for performance, singing, and communicating, but this is the result of that knowledge so far and a group of songs lovingly selected for you, dear listeners. Enjoy, and don't forget to push the plus button until the volume doesn't get any louder!


released January 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Jacob Daffy Pakenham, Australia

Jacob Daffy is a songwriter and singer living in Melbourne who aims to create musically rich and meaningful songs. He loves listening to new music, jamming with friends, and the feeling you get when summer is around the corner.

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Track Name: All things in moderation
Ah, I'm in the middle of it now,
And I don't want to get out.
This time, I'm gonna have to say goodbye,
Cause I don't want to get out.

This train is run away and I can't
Find the mechanism to stop it
Machinery everywhere and I can't
I can't find the button you push to stop

I'm shooting off into space and
There's no chance of finding an escape but
I see the planets getting closer
And I'm loving the momentum so...
Track Name: Delay Cycle
In just another second I'll turn around
In just another minute I'll stop following the crowd
In just another hour I'll hit the ground

In just another day I'll let morals in
I'll wake up really knowing like a kick in the shin
I'll wake up in the morning and start again

I'm in a trap,
I am surrounded
And I can't get out
I can't get out

Will you bail me out
Will you bail me out
I am surrounded

I do what I want, but I don't want what I do
I'll never admit it but I'm hiding from you
Clean me, can you make me new?

I'm in a trap,
I am surrounded
And I can't get out
I can't get out

Will you bail me out
Will you bail me out
I am surrounded
Track Name: Let go on three
Like gears interlocked
And turning
Is your life locked to mine

And I know I'm left stranded
If you go
I'll be slowing all the time

But I have to take apart this machine of shining poetry
And start the design somewhere else, slowly, gently

Should I brace myself
Against your wall
Or straighten for the fall?

I want to stay
But I know
Foundations fade away

I will keep on
Drawing pictures
Of places that I go

And whether or not
You'll be in them
Only God can know
Track Name: Praesidio
I woke, and saw for the first time
A picture printed on my eyes

A figure, glowing brightest white
Its eyes warm but dispassionate

It said
“I am Praesidio,
And I created you.”

I grew
And nights merged into days
All the time I felt its gaze.

It told me
That if I would just believe
I would be given everything.

It said
“I am Praesidio,
And I created you.”

You know, I never knew that
Could so quickly drain
Away, and what I needed
Was the gift of space
But pressure built and
When I had found my voice
At the end
I didn’t have a choice

I went
And followed close behind
In its chains it trapped my mind

It wasn't
right, it wasn't wrong
It was self preservation all along
Track Name: Used up
Yesterday I saw the start
Of your smile
Yesterday the truest part
In a long long while

But then a stab of pain
The memories came
Hold your breath, freeze the heart
And try again

And now that I can breathe
The wide open spaces reach
The wind blows away the leaves
And I'm scattered with breeze

The knot tightens in my chest
At your request
Traveling parallel
We never rest

You've got the grief and me
My distractions work slowly
Then you take a different street
And I'm empty and free