To Surface

by Jacob Daffy

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released January 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Jacob Daffy Pakenham, Australia

Jacob Daffy is a songwriter and singer living in Melbourne who aims to create musically rich and meaningful songs. He loves listening to new music, jamming with friends, and the feeling you get when summer is around the corner.

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Track Name: These Towers
I don't want to live this way
Giving up my heart to a game
Where nothing is sure and I hold it over the flame

Twenty-five years could pass
Who knows how long the silence will last
Waiting for impossible news but it's not coming fast

We'll never have these words in the sky
And none of these towers can answer me why
I live in hope that you'll open up my eyes

They're running in circles again
Finding a hook to connect the string
To hoist up decorations, cause they can't feel the wind

Maybe they'll float away
Maybe they'll summon the clouds to my day
But over the rain I can hear you speak

Can I trust my sight
The sea and the grass and the skies
Are they illusion dancing on in my mind

My feelings are black and white
Nothing has felt as right
As the bread and the wine on a warm Sunday night
Track Name: Homeless
Listening for the footsteps to fade to nothing
He hides around the corner
Today he can afford the luxury of
Keeping intact his dignity.

Rummaging around for the hundredth time he
Wonders what brought him here.
But emotions die down as he
Hardens himself again.

You know it's so easy to say
I'm going home
I'm going home

Standing at the back of the line, there's
Not that much she can do now.
Her stomach is eating her other organs
But who is she to take another's place.

Shaking, another dizzy spell starts
Pulling her into gravity's arms
All of the faces around are smiling
Why are they smiling?

You know it's so easy to say
I'm going home
I'm going home
Track Name: Overseas
I want to go far away
I want to go overseas
And seeing you here doesn't change a thing

When you say goodbye I would like to know why
You say it now
And not before
Track Name: To Surface
I don't want to be on life support
I don't want to live without a thought
Smiling and drugged up with the opium of God

Feeling like I need to be alone
Paranoid, I cut the telephone
And stare at the sorry little wire sticking out

I'm swimming through a million different options at once
But not one of them lets me see the light of day
I thought that I could get by without talking to you
Now my heart wants me to surface to the spray

Silence is a buzzing in my ears
I listen to my agitated fears
And gradually start to wonder if I'm really here

I thought that this would make me feel alive
I'm blurry and I'm scattered and I'm tired
Turned off my headlights now there's nowhere I can drive

I'm swimming through a million different options at once
But not one of them lets me see the light of day
I thought that I could get by without talking to you
Now my heart wants me to surface to the spray
Track Name: Shallow Stream
It's not a sign of maturity
To shake your head and walk away
The concrete heart will never beat
Or feel the pulse of work and play

I'm over this.
No shallow dream
The boat scrapes the bottom of the stream
You can't dive
I'm half submerged
I might as well just travel to the sea

You gather up the empty frame
Bones and skin are awkward now
They can't be carried easily
And life has long abandoned now

It's not a brave enlightenment
To move from trusting God to crowds
To feel the fractured soul's lament
And have no wind to move the clouds
Track Name: Why give up
Why give up
When there's so many other things to do?
Why stop trying
When you can do anything you want to?

I don't understand
You had a plan
Why don't you follow through?

That was
The other day, the other year
I just don't know if he is here

Right beside me,
All around me
Sometimes I give in to fear

I know there's a way
Into oblivion
I know that sometimes
Sometimes the night is long
But we're tested
Like gold is refined by fire
Don't you stop singing your song

Why give up
When there's so many other things to do?
Why stop trying
When you can do anything you want to?

I understand
You had a plan
I'll help you follow through
Track Name: Double Beat
The double beat on the window wakes me up
I trip into a rhythm from the start
The colours of the night are ricocheting
Soft pressure of fireworks in my head

I feel like the coral, jagged and floral
Drawing from the water the salt for my soul
But suddenly a shadow passes overhead and moves very slowly
The pressure starts to build and my edges crack

And you draw out my breath
And you bring near the death
If living is creativity
You've lost the life in me
But I've misplaced my love
No fireworks above
The stars shine as simple as can be
My life's not about me

When you come in the words always stop
The guilt needle rushes to the top
Too much sung and not enough done
Silence is not enough.

I have to have an answer for my time
Am I working for your world or mine?
Should I release this restless energy?
Or does it only fuel the fire?
Track Name: Syria
She's here
She's called Liliana
No mother and no father

They both
met bullets
It was early morning
But there's never any warning

We mourn
Because they're part of Europe,
Connected to the windpipe

And then we
Doze off
We're not interrupted
We're in a good neighborhood

We keep
Their culture
The killing and the dying
Clip their wings, they're flying

We are
The first world
We keep the separation
By patiently ignoring them

That day
Did we hear the dim explosions
Was that
A tremour in the double glazing
How quickly
Did we continue conversation
Couldn't be further away
Track Name: Honeycomb World
The last day of the year
And the dark
Was put on hold
By lights swinging in the wind

There in the background
Out of tune voices and
Conversation soul to soul

I met somebody in the crowded night
Who doesn't care if she lives or she dies

She's more than happy to stay fast asleep
She's in her pocket of this honeycomb world

She's rising fast
She has
Husband, daughter
She waves, the crowd waves back to her

Nothing else is true
She lives
Her reality
She won't leave home in the flood

After we all
Counted down
New years faded out
The guitars and the lights packed down

A boy talked to me
He had
Heart attack last month
He was holding on to life
Track Name: Echoed in the night
Every day
The train cycles
And arriving at the same place
I have always arrived
Am I getting anywhere?
As the day turns into the night

In the dark
The lights stream
Each instant
Vanishing gently
Empty as my carriage
The cares of each day
Stream invisibly into the night.

Now I am happy
But sometimes I wouldn't mind the feeling
Of my hollow heart
Echoed in the night
And your warmth
Giving me
Enough for
Track Name: Movement
In the distance there is movement
The field, it shimmers in the sunlight,
Like grain on a summer's day
The wind swells up a distant wave

Suddenly my vision clears
Droves of people drifting up towards
A mountain, the mountain
My memory pulls, and I smile

Choose life and climb with me into the sun

We won't need the rusting sword
Nobody will ever make us
afraid and before
Will slowly, slowly fade

Choose life and climb with me into the sun

And I
Will never
Unless you
Come With